We are an old-fashioned Independent, Bible-believing Baptist Church. We believe that God’s Word has the answer to all of life’s problems and is the final authority for all matters of faith and practice. The Bible tells us we can know how to get to Heaven and how to live a Biblically prosperous and successful life until we arrive there. A day of confusion and instability reigns in our country, and yet God has given us His Word as a guide in these times. The Word of God instructs us personally as individuals in the husband-wife relationship, and in the parent-child relationship to make our homes a little heaven on earth.

We call ourselves old-fashioned because we still attempt to live our lives according to the Bible. At our church you will find normal people with normal imperfections. You will also find friendly people who care. We are committed to help people of every age find the peace that only God can provide. This is the ministry the Lord Jesus Christ has given to us. We long for you to know Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and for you to be involved in a church home that cares for you. You are always welcome to visit us for our services!



Our Beliefs
We Believe…

  • The King James Bible is the “final authority for all matters of faith and practice”
  • In the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
  • Salvation by Grace through Faith
  • Once saved, always saved
  • In the autonomy of the local, New Testament church
  • God created the earth in six LITERAL days

Our Purpose
Church the way it used to be —

  • Preaching from the King James Bible!
  • Traditional singing from the hymnbook!
  • Giving with a cheerful heart!
  • Promoting holiness in everyday living!
  • Evangelizing the sinner!
  • Edifying the saved!
  • Exalting the Saviour!
  • Starting churches in Mississippi!
  • An invitation at the close of every message!
  • Opportunities to serve Jesus Christ!

Service Times


10:00 am Morning Service #1
11:00 am Service #2

7:00 pm Evening Service


Fellowship Baptist Church

3823 South Siwell Road
Jackson, Mississippi 39212